Building with Oakford

When building a home, it can be hard to know where to start, and what to expect when you decide to move ahead with building your new dream home.

At Oakford Homes it is our priority to make sure you’re informed and comfortable every step of the way.

Below is a step-by-step guide of what to expect through the various stages of the building process.

Pre-construction & design stage

Detailed below is our step-by-step process
for the pre-construction and design stages of your home.

Our approach to pre-construction & design steps

1. Preliminary Services Agreement

The preliminary agreement allows the builder to undertake work such as plans, site survey, soil test and building approvals. This agreement is not a regulated contract, but it sets out any costs you as the owner must pay to Oakford Homes to perform the services listed in the agreement. We will provide you with a Price Guide at this stage.

2. Engineering Preliminary Report

The preliminary engineering report contains preliminary site and footing information based on site survey, soil borelogs and the proposed design. The details of the survey will be incorporated into the proposed design plans for the project.

3. Working Drawings

These are scaled drawings of your home design completed by our drafting team and include floor plan, elevations and site plan. Once completed, these will be forwarded on to your Housing Consultant to review and will need to be signed off before we can proceed to the next stage. Please allow minimum 4 weeks from signed agreement for receipt of working drawings.

4. Planning Consent (Planning Approval)

We will obtain the engineers final Siteworks and Drainage Plan and lodge an application on your behalf to Council for Planning Consent for the proposed development. Once the project is approved, we will provide you with a Contract Quote for acceptance.

5.  Sign Building Contract

The building contract is a signed legal document that outlines the rights and responsibilities as agreed between the builder and the owner. The contract includes the agreed price and terms of the contract and is your formal agreement for Oakford Homes to build your home. If the contract includes any "Subject To Conditions" then these will need to be satisfied before construction can commence.

6.  Engineering Construction Footing Report

The construction report provides the engineer's detailed recommendations in accordance with Code for construction of the proposed house design including, but not limited to, the founding depth for footing beams and additional requirements based on the contours and cut/fill line. Once received, we will provide you with fixed footing costs for your project.

7.  Complete Selections

You will meet with a dedicated Selections Coordinator at your Builders Interview to discuss any upgrades or variations to our standard inclusions and confirm your choices for internal and external materials and colours.

8.  Development Approval

This process involves two (2) stages. First, we will submit the structural details of the build to our Private Certifier to issue Building Rules Consent. Once this consent is granted, the project will be issued Development Approval from Council.

9.  Ok to Start

We now have all the necessary approvals to commence the construction of your new home!

Construction stage

Below is the step-by-step construction process for your home.

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1. Siteworks and footings/slab

Necessary site works are completed to ensure the block can be accessed and worked on safely. After the block is levelled, trenches will be dug and your foundation will be laid.

2. Wall and roof framing

The frames for your walls and roof will be erected and your home begins to take shape.

3. Brickwork and roof cover

The exterior of the home is now worked on, with the brickwork laid and your roofing, gutters and fascias completed.

4. Internal linings and joinery

Our team now move to the inside of the home and begin to work on the joinery (wardrobes, cupboards and drawers), and internal linings including first fix electrical, plumbing and any insulation requirements.

5. Internal fit-out including painting, tiling, fixtures and fittings

The last stage of construction is to complete all tiling and painting, and place all fixtures such as taps and lighting. Any external works will also be completed. Appliances, garage doors and hot water systems will be installed just prior to handover.

6.  Handover

Your home is now complete and ready to move in. Your dedicated site manager will walk you through your new home and make sure you’re familiar with how everything works and answer any questions you may have.

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